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Lucid Dream Tea

Lucid Dream Tea

LUCID DREAM: Hand-picked by canoe in the Algonquin wilderness, Sweet Gale is a very common plant in Quebec, usually found near lakes or running water. This delightful herb has delicate earthy, low notes with fruity, fresh, and lively floral and honey undertones.

In addition to aiding in digestion, Sweet Gale tea is known for helping initiate lucid dreaming. It helps with dream clarity and shamanic and meditative practices by enabling a sense of calm and relaxation.

Add lemon and honey for a gourmet touch!

Contains: Sweet gale.

Box contains 16 tea bags.

General brewing instructions: Heat water to 180-185F/82-85C. Steep for at least 3-4 minutes. May be rebrewed for 2 to 3 infusions. Sweeten if desired.

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