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Honoring Spirit Smudge Mix

Honoring Spirit Smudge Mix

 HONORING SPIRIT SMUDGE MIX: Native Americans and other indigenous cultures have used smudging ceremonies for years to create a cleansing smoke bath. The smoke created when burning smudge is used to purify the body, mind ands spirit. It can also be used when trying to remove negative energies from spaces.

Cedar: Often used to cleanse a home or apartment when first moving in, inviting unwanted spirits to leave and protecting a person, place or object from unwanted influences.
Desert Sage: This smudging herb is used to clear negative energy, drive out evil spirits and bring pleasant thoughts, and relieve anxiety.
White Sage: White sage is considered a sacred herb by Native American people, being one of the "four sacred herbs" of the medicine wheel. It is used for purification and protection by clearing away negative energies.
Lavender: Brings in positive energy and helps open the heart chakra. It also aids in releasing fear while calming the mind and helping to protect the spirit.
Rosemary: Rosemary releases healing and clears energies while bringing mental clarity, allowing you to let go of any negative thoughts you have been holing on to.

This mixture can be burned, or buried, as an offering of gratitude, smudging, or sending healing prayers to the Winds of The South, The West, The North, The East, Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Contains: Cedar, desert sage, white sage, lavender, and rosemary

**Not for human consumption**

Weight: 1 ounce.

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