FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you ship internationally?

We ship worldwide! Everywhere! Shipping cost is based on final order weight. Shipping cost is  ACTUAL POSTAGE COST plus $7.00 for Customs paperwork on our side. The cost for the insurance for shipments whose destination is outside of the US is as follows:

Indemnity Limit Not Over


All Other Countries



$1.35 for each $100.00 or fraction thereof of additional coverage.

This will be added to your final purchase cost before credit card billing. We are not responsible for packages lost or damaged during shipping once we deliver them to the Post Office.

NOTE: For ALL International orders a shipping cost of $50.00 is automatically filled in. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL SHIPPING COST AND WILL NOT BE BILLED TO YOUR CREDIT CARD! It is a 'placeholder' so that checkout can occur and shipping cost can be billed.