FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What happens if I am shipped the incorrect product, that my order is wrong?

Occasionally ...we will mess up on an order and send out an incorrect product, or even miss an item on the packing list. It happens rarely but it has happened. In the event that this happens:

  • We must be contacted within three (3) days of delivery that you have a concern with what you received, or did not receive from us.
  • A picture of what you received in the box should be emailed to orders@grandfathersspirit.com.
  • Please give a complete explanation in your email of the problem with your order.

We will them make the determination to either:

  • Ship you the missing item.
  • Ship you the missing item and send you a return shipping label for the incorrect item to be shipped back to us.
  • Give you a store credit for the missing or incorrect item.

NOTE:  All items are subject to inspection/approval prior to credit. We are unable to accept returns of raw smudging ingredients and smoking materials and still guarantee purity of the product to our customers.