Brown Bear Herbs Sexy Rolled Smokes

Brown Bear Herbs Sexy Rolled Smokes

Brown Bear Herbs Sexy Rolled Smokes: Absolutely NO tobacco. Pre-rolled organic herbal "cigarettes" made with Brown Bear Herbs Gentle and Protective Smoke Mix. This is a hand crafted, aromatic blend of organic herbs and flowers which makes a flavorful smoke.

Damiana has been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac. Rose is heart opening. Hibiscus and blackberry bring grounding and can support healing related to sexual trauma. This blend is a great social smoke, but it very nice to experience it alone, in intimate settings or in groups. Aphrodisiac properties vary.

Available in either a box of 10 classic unfiltered rolled smokes or a box of 12 filtered rolled smokes. (The filter is high-flow and made with cellulose (wood fibers). 

Contains:  Damiana, blackberry leaf, rose, hibsicus, mullein.


These herbs are a gift from Spirit. May they bless you with their gentle healing powers, now and always.

As with any form of sacrament. please use responsibly and with common sense.


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