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Brown Bear Herbs 5 Rolled Smokes Sampler

Brown Bear Herbs 5 Rolled Smokes Sampler

Brown Bear Herbs Rolled Smokes Samplers: Absolutely NO tobacco. Pre-rolled organic herbal "cigarettes", these are hand crafted, aromatic blends of organic and wildcrafted herbs and flowers which makes a flavorful smoke.

Can't decide on which flavor to purchase? Why not try several at once with the Brown Bear Herbals 5 Roll Sampler, either filtered or unfiltered.

5 Smoke Sampler: Contains 1 of each of the following three blends: (Color coded filter wrap)

Take It Easy
Lobelia, catnip, skullcap, rose, and mullein. These herbs have traditionally been used to quit smoking and ease the nervous discomfort that can happen during nicotine withdrawal. A physically relaxing blend.

True To You
Contains: California poppy, yerba sante, violet, and mullein. A wonderful social smoke for after hours.

Gentle and Protective
Contains: Raspberry leaf, mullein, and lavender. This beautiful blend promotes a quiet, soothed spirit and has a lovely scent.

Sexy Smokes
Contains: Damiana, blackberry leaf, hibsicus, rose, and mullein. A pleasure smoke. Damiana has been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac. Rose, hibiscus and blackberry bring help give a grounded sensuality.

Clear Mind
Contains: Gotu Kola, spearmint, linden, and mullein. This blend is our lightest smoke with a hint of mint. The mint is felt more than tasted. This blend is intended to clear and calm the mind so you are prepared for rest or action.


These herbs are a gift from Spirit. May they bless you with their gentle healing powers, now and always.

As with any form of sacrament. please use responsibly and with common sense.

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