> Shaman's Journey - Robert Turgeon

Shaman's Journey - Robert Turgeon

Shaman's Journey - Robert Turgeon

Shamen provide Spiritual teaching and direction. The wisdom of thousands of years flow through their lips. They ask only the chance to pass on to others their way of life. They know their way of life has been preserved because of the foresight of previous generations.

This album, honoring the Shaman, speaks of universal understanding. It is the second of a Trilogy ... comprising Native American flute music, Assinaboine prayers, singing, chanting, drumming, and synthesized sound. It is a story of truth and healing.

Close your eyes, listen to your deepest spirit and begin ... a Shaman's Journey

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audio/16663/Unconscious Mind.mp3
Unconscious Mind

audio/16663/Distant Time.mp3
Distant Time

audio/16663/Shamans Journey.mp3
Shamans Journey

audio/16663/Dream Flight.mp3
Dream Flight

audio/16663/Parallel World.mp3
Parallel World

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