> Red Beads - Joseph Fire Crow

Red Beads - Joseph Fire Crow

Red Beads - Joseph Fire Crow

The tradition of his people and the warrior society he belongs to are very important to Joseph. This is evident in the music he creates, be it his wonderful vocals or his passionate flute playing. Joseph only plays flutes crafted by his own hands. 


Track Samples – click play to listen

audio/16809/As People.mp3
As People

audio/16809/Sundance Horses.mp3
Sundance Horses

audio/16809/Intertribal War Dance Song.mp3
Intertribal War Dance Song

audio/16809/Red Beads.mp3
Red Beads

audio/16809/Song for Grandfathers.mp3
Song for Grandfathers

audio/16809/Whatever Happens.mp3
Whatever Happens

audio/16809/Ne-me hotatse.mp3
Ne-me hotatse

audio/16809/My Brave Soldier Boy.mp3
My Brave Soldier Boy

audio/16809/Two Voices.mp3
Two Voices

audio/16809/War Dance.mp3
War Dance

audio/16809/Eagle Boy.mp3
Eagle Boy

audio/16809/Northern Cheyenne War Dance.mp3
Northern Cheyenne War Dance

audio/16809/Summer Changes the Heart.mp3
Summer Changes the Heart

audio/16809/I Walk With You.mp3
I Walk With You

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