> Healing and Peyote Songs - Primeaux and Mike

Healing and Peyote Songs - Primeaux and Mike

Healing and Peyote Songs - Primeaux and Mike

This collection of music for the peyote rite of the Native American Church includes traditional peyote songs with intense drum and rattle accompaniment and 'healing songs', a newer style of soothing harmonized chanting without percussion to facilitate mediation and prayer.

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audio/16556/Healing Song 1.mp3
Healing Song 1

audio/16556/Healing Song 2.mp3
Healing Song 2

audio/16556/Healing Song 3.mp3
Healing Song 3

audio/16556/Healing Song 4.mp3
Healing Song 4

audio/16556/Healing Song 5.mp3
Healing Song 5

audio/16556/Healing Song 6.mp3
Healing Song 6

audio/16556/Healing Song 7.mp3
Healing Song 7

audio/16556/Healing Song 8.mp3
Healing Song 8

audio/16556/Healing Song 9.mp3
Healing Song 9

audio/16556/Healing Song 10.mp3
Healing Song 10

audio/16556/Peyote Song 1.mp3
Peyote Song 1

audio/16556/Peyote Song 2.mp3
Peyote Song 2

audio/16556/Peyote Song 3.mp3
Peyote Song 3

audio/16556/Peyote Song 4.mp3
Peyote Song 4

audio/16556/Peyote Song 5.mp3
Peyote Song 5

audio/16556/Peyote Song 6.mp3
Peyote Song 6

audio/16556/Peyote Song 7.mp3
Peyote Song 7

audio/16556/Peyote Song 8.mp3
Peyote Song 8

audio/16556/Peyote Song 9.mp3
Peyote Song 9

audio/16556/Peyote Song 10.mp3
Peyote Song 10

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