> Wolf Sister - Marina Raye

Wolf Sister - Marina Raye

Wolf Sister - Marina Raye

Marina Raye's hauntingly beautiful native flutes echo the ancient call of the wild in a deeply moving journey of the spirit. Native flutes blend with the sounds of nature, native drumming, rattles, and rainstick, with keyboard accents, in a richly textured harmony of ancient and modern sounds.

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audio/16677/The Calling.mp3
The Calling

audio/16677/Vision Quest.mp3
Vision Quest

audio/16677/Shape Shifting.mp3
Shape Shifting

audio/16677/Spirit Sisters.mp3
Spirit Sisters

audio/16677/Ancestral Echoes.mp3
Ancestral Echoes

audio/16677/Feelin Playful.mp3
Feelin Playful


audio/16677/Wolf Sister.mp3
Wolf Sister

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