CONNECTIONS FROM THE HEART: Gifted animal communicator, Pamela Marshall, has trained her entire life in order to be able to communicate with all animals. She is able to do "in person" and remote readings with your pet for extremely reasonable rates. Her abilities include:

  • Animal Communication and Pet Mediumship
  • Healing Touch for Animals
  • Connections from the Heart
  • Access Consciousness
  • Essential Oils for Animals practitioner
  • Conversations with you about communication, your pets and my work with animals.
  • Learning and sharing wisdom about animals

Please contact Pamela at 612-267-5215 to schedule a reading. Or, contact her through either her email address: or her Facebook page - Pamela Marshall CONNECTIONS FROM THE HEART

Grandfather's Spirit highly recommends Pamela and her gifts. She has done several readings for Beth and Agnes and the gained insights, information, and results have been astounding. Please do give her a call. She can change your and your pet's life.