> Wind Songs - John Two-Hawks

Wind Songs - John Two-Hawks

Wind Songs - John Two-Hawks

John Two-Hawks Lakota Native American flute virtuoso and pioneer delivers a masterpiece of Native flute solo improvisations, These stunning 'first take' compositions not only showcase the effortless mastery Two-Hawks possesses with the Native flute, but the deeply sacred manner in which he calls these songs forth. From one of the most gifted and respected Native flute player of all time comes this remarkable musical offering that is sure to become a benchmark on the American Indian flute music genre.

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audio/16662/Wind Songs.mp3
Wind Songs

audio/16662/Ocean Soul.mp3
Ocean Soul

audio/16662/Fragile Spaces.mp3
Fragile Spaces

audio/16662/Wings of Fire.mp3
Wings of Fire

audio/16662/Canyon Voices.mp3
Canyon Voices

audio/16662/Spirit Mountain.mp3
Spirit Mountain

audio/16662/Songs from the Wood.mp3
Songs from the Wood


audio/16662/Reflecting Embers.mp3
Reflecting Embers

audio/16662/Old Ways.mp3
Old Ways

audio/16662/After the Storm.mp3
After the Storm

audio/16662/Quiet Prayer.mp3
Quiet Prayer

audio/16662/Rain Dancer.mp3
Rain Dancer

audio/16662/Laughing Waters.mp3
Laughing Waters

audio/16662/Sweet Arrival.mp3
Sweet Arrival

audio/16662/Of Earth and Sky.mp3
Of Earth and Sky

audio/16662/Majestic Flight.mp3
Majestic Flight

audio/16662/Healing Breath.mp3
Healing Breath

audio/16662/Sacred Paths.mp3
Sacred Paths

audio/16662/Flickering Shadows.mp3
Flickering Shadows

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