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Spiritlands - John Huling

Spiritlands - John Huling

Spiritlands by John Huling is masterfully performed in the Desert Southwest with Native American Flutes, Indian Drums, American Pan Flutes and a host of other instruments. Spiritlands calls to you with melody and emotion while the sounds of nature including whispering winds, gentle rains, distant thunder, babbling brooks, birds and other animals murmur in the distance.

These Musical Visions of the Southwest, as Huling calls them, contained in Spiritlands are musical stories inspired from the Ancient Canyons and Desert Plateaus of the Desert Southwest. John Huling 's music will take you on a journey you will not soon forget... a journey into the Spiritlands.

A #1 Bestseller for nearly 14 years! In the top 10 for 16 years!

Track Samples – click play to listen

audio/16683/Breathe of the Mountain.mp3
Breathe of the Mountain

audio/16683/Gathering Spirits.mp3
Gathering Spirits

audio/16683/Lost Canyons.mp3
Lost Canyons

audio/16683/Final Journey.mp3
Final Journey

audio/16683/Ghost Dancers.mp3
Ghost Dancers

audio/16683/Into the Memory.mp3
Into the Memory



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