> In The Land Of Dreams - John Huling

In The Land Of Dreams - John Huling

In The Land Of Dreams - John Huling

This CD's inspiration is from the Desert Southwest, Pacific Northwest, Central Plains and Eastern Woodlands of the Native American Landscapes. Huling's unique Native American Styled Flute music on In the Land of Dreams takes the listener on a more "organic" peaceful and rhythmic journey for the inner spirit. Unlike other music by John Huling this album is Native Flute, Indian Drums and nature sounds only.

Huling's melodic Native American flute playing, gentle meditative drumming and beautiful array of nature sounds including thunderstorms, brooks, streams, coyotes, wolves and birds make up this excellent collection of music from Native North America.

Track Samples – click play to listen

audio/16161/Night of the Mockingbird.mp3
Night of the Mockingbird

audio/16161/Taos Rain.mp3
Taos Rain

audio/16161/Black Crow.mp3
Black Crow


audio/16161/People of the Redwood.mp3
People of the Redwood

audio/16161/Canyon of Dreams.mp3
Canyon of Dreams

audio/16161/Where Eagles Fly.mp3
Where Eagles Fly


audio/16161/In the Land of Dreams.mp3
In the Land of Dreams

audio/16161/Farewell to a Friend.mp3
Farewell to a Friend

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