> Ancient Canyons - John Huling

Ancient Canyons - John Huling

Ancient Canyons - John Huling

Native American flutes, Indian drums, exotic sounds... this is John Huling's fifth album from his hugely successful "Musical Visions of the Southwest" series. These "musical stories" reflect the beauty and grandeur of the southwest like no other music you have ever heard. Whispering winds, gentle rain, distant thunder, babbling brooks, birds, coyotes, and other animals murmur in the distance as you journey back again and again to the "Ancient Canyons"

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audio/16147/Coyotes Dance.mp3
Coyotes Dance

audio/16147/Nightfall on Hoskinnini Plateau.mp3
Nightfall on Hoskinnini Plateau

audio/16147/Sunrise on East Mesa.mp3
Sunrise on East Mesa

audio/16147/Blue Winds From the North.mp3
Blue Winds From the North

audio/16147/Trail of Memories.mp3
Trail of Memories

audio/16147/Ravens River.mp3
Ravens River

audio/16147/Return to Spiritlands.mp3
Return to Spiritlands


audio/16147/The Call of the Canyon.mp3
The Call of the Canyon

audio/16147/Fathers Lullaby.mp3
Fathers Lullaby

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