Grandfather's Spirit is a proud member of the IACA
The Indian Arts and Crafts Association

Since 1974, the Indian Arts and Crafts Association (IACA) has been instrumental in helping to promote, protect and preserve authentic handmade American Indian arts and crafts. IACA was established in the early 1970s when artists, retailers and wholesalers became concerned when imitations and imports were flooding the market. They realized that by joining together they could work more effectively to promote authenticity and find ways to educate the buyers and public about Indian art.

IACA Circle of Members: IACA is unique in that its membership is made up of individuals and businesses that represent the entire Indian arts industry: artisans, retailers, wholesalers, museums, governmental agencies, collectors, suppliers and supporters. It is an international organization whose mission is to support the effective protection, ethical promotion and preservation of authentic American Indian arts and crafts.

IACA Symbol & Code of Ethics: The IACA logo assures buyers and collector of purchasing with confidence. The symbol is copyrighted and only current members of the Association are allowed to use it. As a member, each artist , retailer and wholesaler agree to honestly and ethically represent their merchandise, and to abide by State and Federal laws.

Wholesale & Retail Markets: IACA Markets are organized to enhance and maintain the image and marketing of handmade American Indian arts and crafts. For more than thirty years the Indian Arts and Crafts Association has been bringing together artists, retailers, wholesalers, museums and collectors to the world’s largest trade show featuring authentic handcrafted American Indian art from the United States and Canada. Buyers from retail outlets around the globe attend for the opportunity to purchase handcrafted art from our members.

Code of Ethics

Members of the Indian Arts & Crafts Association, a national association of Indian artists, craftsperson, traders, dealers, collectors, museums and others concerned with the image and marketing of American Indian arts and crafts, agree to adhere to the following:

  • To honestly represent American Indian arts and crafts as to nature and origin within the realm of my control and to offer return privileges for articles found by the Indian Arts and Crafts Association to have been misrepresented by me;
  • To abide by all federal, state, local and tribal laws pertaining to Indian Arts and Crafts, artifacts and natural resources;
  • To abide by ethical business conduct regarding advertising, appraising, pricing and guarantees offered by me;
  • To respect and support ethical business activities of all Indian Arts and Crafts Association;
  • To encourage consumer confidence in the authenticity of all articles identified with the IACA seal; and,
  • To cooperate with the law enforcement agencies and the IACA in the investigation of crimes involving Indian arts and crafts and to promote proper identification of Indian arts and crafts.


Sadly, as of the end of 2018, after almost 50 years of service, the IACA dissolved. However, you can still find the historic membership information on their website.