> Feather On The Wind - Golana

Feather On The Wind - Golana

Feather On The Wind - Golana

Debuted at #10 on New Age Voice magazine's Airwaves Top 100. Features Native American flutes accented by acoustic guitars, pianos, keyboards, strings and hand drums.


Track Samples – click play to listen

audio/16156/Closer to You.mp3
Closer to You

audio/16156/All Good Medicine.mp3
All Good Medicine


audio/16156/Mojave Morning.mp3
Mojave Morning

audio/16156/Soft Winds.mp3
Soft Winds

audio/16156/Above the Sky.mp3
Above the Sky

audio/16156/Grandfathers Way.mp3
Grandfathers Way


audio/16156/As Long as the Waters Run.mp3
As Long as the Waters Run

audio/16156/Walks Alone Man.mp3
Walks Alone Man

audio/16156/Feather on the Wind.mp3
Feather on the Wind

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