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Giant RED Abalone Shell

Giant RED Abalone Shell

GIANT Red Abalone Shell - GRADE A+

These gorgeous red abalone shells range in size from approximately 7.5" - 9.5" long and 6" - 7.5" wide. These are graded as A+ based on color, integrity, blemishes, holes, etc. The red color of these shells are natural. The red color of the shell is a result of the crustacean living inside the shell feeding on red algae.

The ABALONE SHELL can be used for a smudging bowl with smudge bundles resting in the shell's bowl during burning. Herbs can be placed in a small pile and burned. If burning loose herbs, charcoal can be placed in the shell on top of either sand, ash, or crushed stone. (We recommend crushed stone as it can be cleaned and reused). If using charcoal, use all natural charcoal, such as bamboo charcoal. Do not use self lighting charcoal.

When burning in the shell be certain to protect the surface of whatever the shell is resting on as the shell may get quite hot and damage surfaces under it.

Please note that although it is very popular to use abalone shells in smudging, there are many Native elders concerned that abalone shells are being used when burning the herbs. On the Pacific Northwest Coast, for example, some holy men have said that abalone shells represent Grandmother Ocean, and that they should be used in ceremonies with water, not burning.

Please note: As these are a natural product there will be some variation in size and coloring.


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