> Gathering of Shamen - Native Flute Ensemble

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Gathering of Shamen - Native Flute Ensemble

Gathering of Shamen - Native Flute Ensemble

Gathering of Shamen is a series of compositions featuring the Native American flute. The compositions reflect three "power sites" where shamen or medicine men regularly gather for ceremonies and rituals - The Black Hills of South Dakota, Canyon de Chelly in Arizona and Atitlan in Guatemala. Compositions also feature Native American percussion, synthesizer and environmental sounds.

Track Samples – click play to listen

audio/16158/Summoning Winds.mp3
Summoning Winds

audio/16158/Spirit Seekers Ceremony.mp3
Spirit Seekers Ceremony

audio/16158/The Cosmic Tree.mp3
The Cosmic Tree

audio/16158/Sacred Spaces.mp3
Sacred Spaces

audio/16158/Site Great Mystery.mp3
Site Great Mystery

audio/16158/World Centering.mp3
World Centering


audio/16158/Third Corner of the World.mp3
Third Corner of the World

audio/16158/Flesh of White Corn.mp3
Flesh of White Corn

audio/16158/Ocean Myths.mp3
Ocean Myths

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