> Fire Crow - Joseph Fire Crow

Fire Crow - Joseph Fire Crow

Fire Crow - Joseph Fire Crow

The tradition of his people and the warrior society he belongs to are very important to Joseph. This is evident in the music he creates, be it his wonderful vocals or his passionate flute playing. Joseph only plays flutes crafted by his own hands. 


Track Samples – click play to listen

audio/16708/First Flute Song.mp3
First Flute Song

audio/16708/Creators Prayer.mp3
Creators Prayer

audio/16708/Wolf Song.mp3
Wolf Song

audio/16708/Standing Rock.mp3
Standing Rock

audio/16708/Flight of Dreams.mp3
Flight of Dreams

audio/16708/Pretty Bird.mp3
Pretty Bird

audio/16708/Medicine Elk.mp3
Medicine Elk

audio/16708/Woman Comes First.mp3
Woman Comes First

audio/16708/Round Dance Song.mp3
Round Dance Song

audio/16708/Horse Stealing Song.mp3
Horse Stealing Song

audio/16708/Early Morning.mp3
Early Morning

audio/16708/Fire Keeper.mp3
Fire Keeper

audio/16708/Water Song.mp3
Water Song

audio/16708/Old Man of the Rain Forest.mp3
Old Man of the Rain Forest

audio/16708/The Mist.mp3
The Mist

audio/16708/Wind in My Mind.mp3
Wind in My Mind

audio/16708/Coming Home.mp3
Coming Home

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