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Dire Wolf

Dire Wolf

Thriving during the Pleistocene, the Dire Wolf is not a direct ancestor of any of today's known species of canine. They co-existed in North America with Gray Wolves for about 100,000 years. Dire Wolves had short, thick legs, a larger, broader skull and more massive teeth than the modern wolves. Their brain case is also notably smaller than their remaining canine cousins. Remains of over 3,600 individuals have been recovered from the La Brea Tar Pits - more than any other species of mammal.

The skull size is 12 1/2" Long, 6 1/2" Wide, 5 1/2" High. Made of high quality resin, this replica contains no real animal bone so it can be exported outside the US without any wildlife export restrictions.

Add a heavy duty display stand, 5" Wide, 8" Long, for an additional $40.00.

Description Price Quantity
Bone Clones®: Skull only
SKU: BC-020a
Bone Clones®: Skull with stand
SKU: BC-020S