Council Fire Smoke Blend

Council Fire Smoke Blend

The Elders gathered around a Council Fire, carefully making decisions for The People. As you smoke this delightful blend, honor the old ones and think of the generations to come.

Contains: Coltsfoot leaf, damiana, lobelia, sage, lemon verbena, marshmallow leaf, cleaver's leaf and stem, lemon balm, mugwort, raspberry leaf, wild lettuce, and roasted yerba mate.

This blend may be a way to transition from a nicotine habit. We recommend blending it 50/50 with an organic tobacco and slowly using less and less tobacco in your blend.  We are certain that you will find this blend to be a gentle and tasty alternative to harsh tobacco.

Available in 2 ounce bag.

These herbs are a gift from Spirit. May they bless you with their gentle healing powers, now and always.

As with any form of sacrament, please use responsibly and with common sense.

Our price: $20.95