> Cougar - Male

Cougar - Male

Cougar - Male

Known by many names, for example, Puma, American Lion, Deer Tiger, Mexican Lion, Panther, Painter, Mountain Lion, and Catamount, this giant cat makes its home in mountains, deserts and jungles throughout North and South America. Although the voice of the cougar is like that of a domestic cat, only louder, its mating call is a harsh scream.

The skull size is 9" Long, 6" Wide, 4 1/2" High.

Add a heavy duty display stand, 5" Wide, 8" Long, for an additional $40.00.

Description Price Quantity
Bone Clones®: Skull only
SKU: BC-02131
Bone Clones®: Skull with stand
SKU: BC-015s