> Canyon Trilogy - R. Carlos Nakai

Canyon Trilogy - R. Carlos Nakai

Canyon Trilogy - R. Carlos Nakai

Using digital technology, R. Carlos Nakai creates the sound of the cedar flute echoing in the canyons and valleys of the vast Southwest. His seventeen free flowing compositions soothe the spirit and carry the listener to the far realms of the imagination. Awarded a certified Gold Records in 1998 ~ the first ever awarded for a Native American music album.

Track Samples – click play to listen

audio/16674/Song for the Morning Star.mp3
Song for the Morning Star

audio/16674/Daybreak Vision.mp3
Daybreak Vision

audio/16674/Ancestral Home.mp3
Ancestral Home

audio/16674/Echoes of Time.mp3
Echoes of Time

audio/16674/Inward Journey.mp3
Inward Journey

audio/16674/Creation Chant.mp3
Creation Chant

audio/16674/Canyon People.mp3
Canyon People

audio/16674/Turquoise World.mp3
Turquoise World

audio/16674/Cleft in the Sky.mp3
Cleft in the Sky

audio/16674/Spiral Passage.mp3
Spiral Passage

audio/16674/World of Rainbows.mp3
World of Rainbows

audio/16674/Walking Song.mp3
Walking Song

audio/16674/The Sacred Reed.mp3
The Sacred Reed

audio/16674/Kokopelli Wind.mp3
Kokopelli Wind


audio/16674/Into the Maze.mp3
Into the Maze

audio/16674/Homage to the Ancient Ones.mp3
Homage to the Ancient Ones

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