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Welcome to Grandfather's Spirit.

In celebration of the Native American Indian spirit, this site features both Native and non-Native American made art. Featured primarily are herbal smoking blends, native made herbal tea, kinnick-kinnick tobaccos, decorated buffalo skulls, ceremonial staffs and lances, Native American images, and both Zuni and Navajo fetishes. I take pride in the art that I have to offer in that each piece is of the highest quality and recreated as faithfully as possible to the 'art of the ancestors'.

Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990:  This website does not imply or suggest that items for sale on this website are hand made by a person or persons who are members of a federally recognized tribe, unless otherwise indicated in writing and clearly identified next to the item displayed. 

You are advised to first assume all items displayed for sale on this website are not made by a member of a federally recognized tribe.  

The list of items specifically made by persons who are members of a federally recognized tribe has been deleted to avoid consumer confusion -- and pages displaying non-manufactured, handcrafted arts and crafts contain a notice regarding the origin of items displayed on that page.
For a copy of a free brochure entitled, "How To Buy Genuine American Indian Arts and Crafts" go to http://www.ftc.gov or http://www.iacb.doi.gov

Grandfather's Spirit

Sometimes in the evening...
night shadows play their game,
While mem'ries taunt and tease the wind,
I hear him call my name!
It's then I seem to feel the touch,
a wonder all it's own,
I'm visited by the soul of one,
who's never really gone!
I can hear his laughter...
come dancing in the wind,
I hurry... run... to take his hand,
a child of five again!
Once more we walk the distant plains,
and hear the Eagle's cry,
Watch the ponies running free,
and the buffalo passing by!
It's then that he and I are one...
as time once more stands still,
Grandfather's Spirit lives in me,
and evermore... it will!

Cletus E. Manning Copyright ©2002
for Grandfather's Spirit
by Cletus Dale Manning
my Native American Grandfather
In memory of my Native American Grandfather,
Harry Adams
July 1895 - August 1979