Tobacco / Smoking Mixtures

tobacco / smoking mixtures

"Kinnikinnick” Indian 'Tobacco' & Herbal Smoking Blends from Organic and Wild-crafted Herbs
We offer over 47 different smoking blends of herbs found in various parts of the country. Many of the blends are are based on Native American recipes. All are 100% natural and either ethically wild-crafted (harvested) or grown organically. Contains NO tobacco.

100% Tobacco
, Tobacco Blends, Leaf Tobacco and 'Old-time' Twists
We carry over 25 different 100% tobacco and tobacco blends that you can smoke, use in medicine bundles, prayer ties, or use for other offerings of prayer. Perfect for offerings of thanks to the Creator.

Raw herbs

Want to try making your own blend of kinnick-kinnick? Here you will find as enormous selection of fresh herbs, either ethically wild-crafted (harvested) or organically grown. Mix and match to come up with your own signature blend. Or simply purchase a single herb to enjoy, such as peppermint, to smoke on its own or to add to an existing blend. COMING SOON!

Minnesota State Law prohibits the sale of Tobacco or smoking products to anyone under the age of 18. When ordering, please supply proper age identification.